Fresh Flowers


Fresh flowers…They make me happy. They complete the home. They are an experience that appreciates presence.

Especially a peony. The blossom of peony demands one to pay attention at every glance. These flowers open up every day to a new bloom and shade of color. It is not to be missed.

They teach me about life, reminding me that the point of being in the world is to be in full bloom. It is how we share our glory. It is okay to snatch someone’s breath and take up all the air in the room when being your full self.

They even teach me about death. A reminder that until the last breath of life, one can shed gracefully from their stem.

“Fresh flowers…They make me happy. They complete the home. They are an experience that appreciates presence.”

The pursuit of fresh flowers is an adventure, too. They pull you out into the world and ask you to dance… at the local farmer’s market, the entry to your neighborhood Trader Joe’s, those times we sneak real quick and pick a few flowers from our neighbor’s yard, or the treks we make downtown with girlfriends in tow in the wee hours of the morning to the flower district.

To arrange flowers is a commitment to understanding your own aesthetic.

To place them is to be in relationship with your own happiness… and that yes, you are absolutely deserving of joy, luxury and beauty in your life.

But it’s when I receive (or give) flowers from my favorite florist that they send my heart aflutter. To be the recipient of one of Lily Lodge’s organic blooms in those signature green boxes, or an Old Vines’ ombre spray of a hundred roses, is worth cultivating a relationship with another just to be so worthy.

My Favorite Florists

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WORDS: Mara Brock Akil
DATE: 08.11.2021
PHOTOS: Mara Brock Akil Archives

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  1. Gratitude for these words. I frequently find myself feeling and struggling to articulate. I have always loved the beauty, the smell, and the delicacy of flowers. I have even described myself as flower, blooming sometimes and weltering in others. This post captures it all for me. Gratitude 🙏🏾

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