InTheLandOf Muses: Will Catlett


This man is more than an actor, writer, or director. He is joy. He leads with his spirit. It’s booming and big and enveloping. He is brave to lead with such a big heart for himself, for his dreams, for his wife, for his daughter and his creative life.

Collaborating with him on Love Is__ was a great God moment. We spoke a language that allowed us to dance and spin a tale that will live in the bottle of great love stories for lifetimes. Our blood and marrow are in that song we made with Michele Weaver and a chorus of other great talents. But Will Catlett’s love and joy and smile and light and gift and tears and fears are in that offering. That’s how he gives — with all of who he is.

And for that, he is my Muse.

When I asked him of his favorite things, he did not wait for my questions, he immediately offered this:

Mara, My Favorite Things are:

A Deli sandwich is always my go to.

Sex and wine. Don’t forget the wine.

A spontaneous night is always one to be remembered.

When good people and laughter is the drug, there’s no better high.

If I can catch a windy night, it’s like sunshine to me.

You can catch Will in Black Lightning as LaLa on Netflix, Love Is_ as Yasir  on AllBlck, and in Netflix’s upcoming True Story as Herschel. He is most definitely a talented soul to watch in the days to come.

WORDS: Mara Brock Akil
DATE: 08.11.2021
PHOTOS: Courtesy of Will Catlett


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